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Granaline, specialist of 100% organic pomegranate juice, aims to awaken the consciences of consumers and raise awareness for “responsible purchasing act” to preserve their vitality.

Bursting with antioxidants, 100% Granaline pure Organic pomegranate juice is a good and effective food supplement, in harmony with a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet.Granaline engages in a process of initiation to a good diet. If you too are concerned about your lifestyle, we invite you to share this adventure. Whether through this site, our Facebook page or at a Granaline event, or at the sales counter of organic shops, we wish you much pleasure. If you are a Bio shop has not yet doled out  the Granaline juice, feel free to join us here, we will contact you as soon as possible.


100%  Organic Pure Pomegranate juice and mixes

From the tree to the bottle, antioxidant-rich, Granaline maintains your « Good Health ».

Jus de grenade Granaline

The Granaline juices tasty and refreshing flavors are 100% genuine, from fruit harvested in controlled orchards throughout the year:

  • Not from concentrated
  • Not filtered,
  • Free from artificial additives,
  • Free from preservatives,
  • No sugar added.
  • Certified organic by Quality-Partner *
  • Vegan

Organic Pomegranate juice Granaline. Made entirely from freshly pressed “Premium Quality” organically produced juices. Specific to fruit juice, the gentle conservation  method helps to preserve the juice more effectively without altering its taste. 

Gelées bio Granaline

Organic jellies Granaline

Amaze your guests by offering  Granaline jellies  “Sublime Line”!

With passion and expertise, Granaline has simmered  4 flavors of “homemade jellies” made with a low content of organic cane sugar that confer undeniable taste and nutritional qualities. 

Recipes ideas

Can perfectly ACCOMPANY foie gras, hot or cold meats , sweetbreads , dressing in a salad of cauliflower , a chestnut cream on toast , green salad ,goat cheese , baked potato , carrots, and why not tuna or swordfish … You will be transported through a journey of the senses , where only the pleasure will be your stop!

Better nourishment today for a healthier life and old age tomorrow.

Our Mission : “Good Food – Good Life – Better Aging”.

Granaline combines “Vitality” and “Wellness” on the basis of original recipes using Organic pomegranate juice. All Granaline juices are certified as being Organic by an inspection body approved by the Belgian authorities (Quality Partner: Laboratory, Inspection and Certification, Approved and Accredited).

Granaline, vitality guaranteed !