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On n’est pas des pigeons
Date 02/12/2015


On n est pas des pigeons - Radio

Radio / Vivacité


Granaline - Fouzia Oukacha

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Jus de grenade Granaline

Granaline, vitality guaranteed !

From the tree to the bottle…What better way to preserve your “Vitality”. This is the basis on which Oukacha Fouzia, biochemist and entrepreneur, has proceeded.

The adventure got underway thanks to the laboratory research she carried out at the University of Liège and her growing interest in the A-to-Z creation of “neutraceutical” juices: juices with therapeutic antioxidant-rich properties.
With this mission accomplished her range now features four references to subtle flavours that have been analysed, as she personally devised the flavours and compositions.

Bursting with antioxidants, Granaline juices offer a good and effective food supplement, in harmony with a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet designed to promote awareness among consumers, encouraging them to adopt responsible purchasing habits in order to preserve their “Good Health”: better nourishment today for a healthier life and old age tomorrow.

Much more than just a brand, Granaline is a new approach to purchasing, eating and exchanging. In a nutshell, it is a new lifestyle!

Deliciously refreshing Granaline juices are 100% authentic, made from fruit harvested in year-round controlled orchards: non-concentrate-based, non-filtered, free from artificial additives, free from preservatives and no added sugar. Made entirely from freshly pressed “Premium Quality” organically produced juices. Specific to fruit juice, the gentle pasteurisation method helps to preserve the juice more effectively without altering its taste.

Granaline, or a trip to the land of fabulous flavours, is admired for its colours, exquisite fruity flavours and its medicinal, indeed even aphrodisiac properties!
Granaline juices enable us to see the world in all its colour! Close your eyes, relax, the journey is set to be both an exotic and enchanting experience.


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No dyes. No additives. No sugars added . But very tasty  !