Pomegranate and you !

Pomegranate and you !

Health is also in your plate!

Granaline, offers the best of nature, 100% organic, no added sugar and no preservatives. Your everyday ally.

Your immune balance requires above all a balanced diet. For example, to get the nutrients of apple, 1950, you have to eat 100 apples today ….

In 50 years, broccoli has lost 75% of their calcium and meat lost 50% of its iron.

Hence the importance of having quality food, rich, varied vitamins to provide the body with vitamins and minerals essential to our good health.

Your vitality depends only on you … feed it!

To be fit and down the line, test the Granaline juice.



Bienfaits du jus de grenade GranalineLa grenade pour la santé






Organic Pomegranate and Organic pomegranate juice:  Scientific references.

It is recommended to drink one glass of juice is 220 to 240 ml per day

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